Glenn Capelli helps with team building
at Web CentraL's Christmas Party

To begin the festive celebrations, all WebCentral staff took a well-deserved early mark from work to board a bus heading towards a night of laughter and entertainment. Upon arrival at the venue, guests were greeted by the comedic stylings of entertainer Chris Betts, who compered the evening’s entertainment.

As guests took their seats in a theatre-style arrangement, the MC then introduced WebCentral CEO Andrew Spicer to deliver a brief welcome and congratulations to staff for a good year’s work.

For the first highlight of the evening, all guests rediscovered the value of their individuality, and how this uniqueness effectively complements the work of a team. First-class motivational speaker Glenn Capelli addressed the audience on the values of highlighting each individual’s strengths, and how to get the best out of different personality types – a topic that is most appropriate considering the eclectic mix of personality types employed at WebCentral.

As a member of MENSA, Glenn’s theme was intellectually stimulating, however his presentation was thoroughly enjoyable, involving workshop components as well as a more formal address. He left the guests in high spirits as they moved to the next element of the night’s entertainment. At the conclusion of Glenn Capelli’s engaging workshop, Chris Betts introduced the next stage of the evening, the WebCentral Awards Ceremony. To recognize the achievements and valued efforts of the WebCentral staff, both serious and gag awards were presented. This lighthearted ceremony set the scene for the ‘specially commissioned’ corporate video that highlighted the achievements of the company. This was a 10 minute ‘mockumentary’ of the ‘strange species’ who inhabit the WebCentral jungle.

Presented as a hilarious David Attenborough-style nature program, we created a link with Glenn Capelli’s ‘individual personalities’ presentation, going in search of the different breeds of the WebCentral wildlife, complete with Latin names and all. The footage was filmed discreetly to capture WebCentral staff unawares, adding to the hilarity and spontaneity of the presentation.

With the first stage of the evening’s entertainment complete, partners of the guests were invited to join staff for pre-dinner drinks. To the delight of the guests, a dramatic curtain reveal uncovered a jungle of a different kind in the second half of the room, an eclectic mix of popular arcade games decorated with woven vines, simulating a kind of urban jungle. It was in this spectacular arena that a casual dinner was served, and the guests grooved to the sounds of a DJ, drinking and being merry until the evening drew to a close.