Creative resources to deliver world class events

Robert Clark Creative is not a talent agency therefore the resources we can procure for your special event are limited only by our collective imagination.

Internationally recognised as one of Australia’s finest musical directors and conductors, Robert Clark’s career highlights include performances with international stars such as

• Frank Sinatra
• Shirley Bassey
• Peter Allen
• Johnny Mathis, and
• Petula Clark • Anthony Newley
• Engelbert Humperdinck  

Robert's ability to navigate a client through an amazing imaginative journey will create an event that will leave an indelible mark upon your audience’s memory. Combining his musical talent and entrepreneurial flair in the special event industry, he has produced and directed hundreds of special events, concerts, conventions and product launches throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific. Australian artists he has performed with, produced or directed include:

• Glenn Shorrock
• Rhonda Burchmore
• Doug Parkinson
• Todd McKenney
• Russell Morris • Marcia Hines
• Wendy Matthews • Tina Arena
• Marina Prior
• Troy Cassar-Daley
• Julie Anthony
• Christine Anu
• Simon Gallaher
• David Campbell

Entertainment experiences featuring your favourite artists can be delivered in their most recognised formats or transformed through the use of customised elements such as innovative musical arrangements, revised lyrics and multimedia enhancement. We also regularly work with many of Australia's leading musicians in various sized ensembles ranging from rock bands and string quartets to complete orchestras.

In addition to this we have access to the world's most inspirational speakers, and Masters of Ceremony to facilitate your event. Combine these with a range of theatrical and musical performers