Alex Lloyd 'amazes' PFIZER's sales team

The program commenced with a traditional Maori welcome to open and bless the conference - the Maori chief took centre stage and offered the traditional palm frond to Pfizer’s CEO. It’s an ancient challenge that discerns between war and peace. If the palm frond is not received, war ensues. In order for our guests to be welcome, the CEO accepted the palm frond…

The stage then filled with smoke as the full Maori tribe joined their chief and start the Haka, specially prepared to welcome the Pfizer guests to New Zealand. As the a-cappella voices united, the audience was filled with drama, excitement and anticipation.

At the conclusion of the Haka, the stage faded to black.

From the background, a saxophone solo cut through the silence. A spotlight highlighted the musician then moved to capture the new sound – a lone violinist. Fading onto the screens, a video showed Pfizer representatives celebrating achievements and success. The spotlight moveed again to pin-point the guitar solo. Inspirational buzz-words were flashed across the screen. More individual performances included the drums, double bass and trombone, while the video continued with the motivational images.

Suddenly the instruments started working together and the crescendo built as the tune became more apparent… Alex Lloyd entered the stage as the song starts… Amazing!

As Alex Lloyd sang ‘Amazing’ a simultaneous multimedia presentation filled the screen – the Pfizer film clip – a video of Pfizer people singing along, creating a really emotive opening to the conference.

We were communicating a theme of togetherness – a representation that individuals make a difference to the success of the Pfizer team. Musically, individual instruments are less dramatic – however when they come together they stir an emotional response from the audience. It’s an artistic yet intelligent analogy that related directly to each person watching.