Glenn Shorrock, Wendy Matthews and Doug Parkinson – the reminiscing tour

The idea of this project emerged over a cup of coffee in a Perth hotel the morning after a stunning performance Glenn Shorrock gave for a private conference show. We witnessed a theatre full of people rise to their feet and sing along to the hits that Glenn has made famous, at a performance at 9.30 in the morning!

We felt that the excitement that Glenn and his music generated needed to be captured and taken to as many people as possible. Glenn's reaction to our suggestion of a large scale tour was met with enthusiasm and we have witnessed his desire and commitment to bring his music to life again for the generation that knows him and the younger generation who are keen to know more about him and his music.

By touring with a live orchestra we have pushed the boundaries in the modern world of the promoter. But we believed that such great music deserved to be performed with an ensemble of great live musicians who would inject the musical excellence and provide our audiences with an international standard concert experience.

The first run of 18 concerts throughout Queensland brought our early morning idea to life. Glenn's personal approach to his long term friends Wendy Matthews and Doug Parkinson ensured a fabulous line-up of Australian talent for the inaugural Reminiscing Tour.

'Reminiscing' can be reproduced as a one off event for public or private audiences. Glenn Shorrock and friends continue to appear regularly at conferences, product launches, gala dinners and award ceremonies throughout the Asia Pacific region. Delegates at the Venue Management Association's annual conference at Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast were transfixed by the power of the performance given by Glenn, Doug and fellow Australian rock legend Russell Morris. These guys just get better with age!

And if Australian rock legends are not your bag, Robert Clark Creative has the credibility to produce musical tours or one-off concert experiences with a broad range of international and overseas artists.